Gender Justice Champion


Pamela has spent her entire career advocating for justice for women. Her compassion for survivors is deeply rooted in her own personal experiences with sexual harassment, domestic violence and the criminal justice system. In 1977, Pamela joined the first sexual harassment lawsuit in education and led the fight to define sexual harassment both as an experience and a legal violation. The Alexander case made sexual harassment in education illegal and presaged the #MeToo, #TimesUp and all the movements that followed. 

As a survivor of domestic violence herself, Pamela is deeply aware of and sensitive to the needs of survivors of intimate partner violence. She takes these issues very seriously. In 1979, Pamela co-founded and coordinated the Bay Area Defense Committee for Battered Women. In 1981, she was maliciously prosecuted by the Alameda County District Attorney’s office as a survivor of domestic violence, and was successfully acquitted at trial. As the lead plaintiff in the Alexander case, and as a lawyer, Pamela has represented dozens of victims of gender-based violence.

Pamela is fully committed to addressing violence in our community and especially against women and children, including the literally hundreds of crimes labelled as “domestic violence.” Intimate violence cases that result in serious bodily harm or injury which include elder abuse, family violence and intimate partner violence will be prosecuted as appropriate. When dealing with such cases, Pamela will always prioritize the safety, needs, and desires of survivors (and children, if they are involved) and seek long term solutions that will keep families and communities safe.

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