Racial Justice Warrior


As a tenacious civil rights attorney and a political activist working to advance the cause of justice, Pamela Price has a demonstrated track record of supporting progressive change and fighting for racial justice. She has handled dozens of police misconduct and race discrimination cases in state and federal courts.

In 2002, Pamela Price became one of only a handful of Black women to ever argue in front of the United States Supreme Court. In that case, she successfully advocated for her client, Abner Morgan, a Black electrician, who had been subjected to constant racial harassment at his place of employment. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in her favor, and after a ten-year battle with his employer, Amtrak, her client finally won a verdict of $500,000.

Their victory established the legal precedent for the "continuing violation" doctrine that applies to all discrimination cases brought under federal law in the United States. Because of the outstanding result in the Morgan case, Pamela was honored as the California Lawyer of the Year in Employment (CLAY Award). 

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