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Pamela is an award-winning civil rights attorney and one of only a handful of black women to successfully argue a case in front of the United States Supreme Court.

Pamela has spent her 40-year career fighting for human rights and standing in the gap for everyday people against sexual, racial, and gender discrimination and harassment. She is the only female candidate in the race for DA, and she is part of the nationwide movement to elect progressive District Attorneys and end the double standards in our justice system that disproportionately harm black, brown, and poor people. Pamela wants to bring accountability, transparency, and compassion to the District Attorney’s office.

I encourage you to learn more about her incredible story and high profile law career

What can we do to help Pamela win? As Nina Turner said “we need to give her our Time, Talent and Treasure!” 

Contribute! Pamela is a corporate-free candidate. In her 2018 race for this seat, Police and Sheriff associations from across the state of California, and our own Republican Sheriff Greg Ahern, spent over $1 Million dollars on a smear campaign to defeat Pamela! The current DA gave her surrogate candidate $10,000 in one day.

We need your help today to make a difference in Alameda County. Please donate and join our circle of family and friends!

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