Pamela Price declares victory in Alameda County district attorney's race

KTVU News:

OAKLAND, Calif. - With the latest round of votes coming in Friday evening, Pamela Price widened her lead over her opponent and has declared the win in Alameda County's district attorney's race.

Price had 53% of the vote to Terry Wiley's 46% with 100% of the precincts reporting. The breakdown of votes is 227,438 for Price to Wiley's 200,795.

No matter the outcome, the win is considered historic as it was anticipated to be the first time a Black man or Black woman were elected to office.

Price, a civil rights attorney, asked voters to show patience as Alameda County's latest results update was slightly delayed by one hour.

If confirmed, Price would become the third Black D.A. in all of California. She claimed victory on social media.

"We did it! Tonight's numbers are a confirmation of our victory." Price thanked her team and volunteers for her successful election. "For the last 10 years, the office has stood in the way of the progressive reforms ushered in by our California legislature and endorsed by Alameda County voters."


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