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    Pamela Price is running a corporate-free and people-powered campaign to win this race. Join us in bringing justice with compassion to Alameda County. #NoMoreDoubleStandard #JusticeDoneRight #JusticeWithCompassion

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    We are running a corporate-free grassroots "people-powered" campaign to transform the criminal injustice system in Alameda County. We are not "crazy" and we are not going to be defeated! Thank you so much for every little and big thing that you do to help us win this race! Let's get this done!

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    Community Activist

    Community Activist

    In 1979, while still in law school at Berkeley, Pamela co-founded and coordinated the Bay Area Defense Committee for Battered Women. The Committee's Advisory Board included prominent feminists such as civil rights icon Angela Davis and lesbian and gay rights pioneer, Del Martin.

    From 1982-84, Pamela co-chaired the Bay Area Chapter of the National Conference of Black Lawyers (NCBL) and served on NCBL's National Board.

    Pamela is one of the founding members of the famed Bay Area choir, Vukani Muwethu, which has been singing South African freedom songs since 1986.

    In 2007, Pamela was appointed to serve as the Interim Executive Director of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights in San Francisco, an organization committed to protecting the civil and human rights of poor communities, immigrant communities, communities of color, and other marginalized groups. She later served two terms as the Co-Chair of the Board of Directors, and as the Director of Special Projects.

    Pamela has also served in leadership roles in the Black American Law Students Association (BALSA), Black Women Organized for Political Action (BWOPA) and the Oakland East Bay Democratic Club. She is also the CEO and Founder of the Ida B. Rising Political Action Committee.

    Pamela has received numerous Certificates of Appreciation for her community service from Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Congressman Mark DeSaulnier.

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    Racial Justice Warrior


    As a tenacious civil rights attorney and a political activist working to advance the cause of justice, Pamela Price has a demonstrated track record of supporting progressive change and fighting for racial justice. She has handled dozens of police misconduct and race discrimination cases in state and federal courts.

    In 2002, Pamela Price became one of only a handful of Black women to ever argue in front of the United States Supreme Court. In that case, she successfully advocated for her client, Abner Morgan, a Black electrician, who had been subjected to constant racial harassment at his place of employment. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in her favor, and after a ten-year battle with his employer, Amtrak, her client finally won a verdict of $500,000.

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    House Party Events


    We are so excited to have you join us for a virtual House Party with District Attorney candidate Pamela Price.

    In the words of the Bay Area's most famous senior statesman, Hon. Ronald V. Dellums, shortly before he left us, 

    “Pamela Price . . . will end the racial disparity in prosecutions and mass incarceration of Black and Brown people. These times call for courageous and transformative disruptors of systemic racial injustice. Pamela Price is exactly who we need . . . as Alameda County District Attorney.”

    If you have not already checked out our website, please do so at We look forward to an enlightening conversation with you. Thank you for joining us.

Pamela Price

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ACDCC Elected Member (2016-2024). NorCal SuperLawyer (2003-2020). Civil Rights Warrior. Title IX Pioneer. Survivor of Ohio juvenile & foster care systems.